Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

I knew when I started this blog it was going to be challenge to keep up with, but my goodness it's been three years since I posted anything? Really?! Amazing how life flies by and so many things can happen over several years.
For the sake of wanting to remember it all while I can I'll list off as much of the highlights as I can recall...this will be fun to read in another three years. Remind myself what I was doing since I can't remember last week.

Since the last post of June 27, 2010:

Moved back to Bixby from Edmond October 2010.
Gage is now three, almost four in little over a month.
Reese is six and half. Starting first grade in 22 days, but i'm not counting. Excited and sad my baby is so big.
Drew Caroline arrived August 9, 2012. Almost a year old in several days! Not ready for that either. She is busy smiley little person. Drewsy Poosey.
Built and just sold our house in Bixby. (March 2011-Sept 2013)
Found 7 acres side by side another 7 acres that Brady and Sara are buying...we are building a family compound.
Still doing freelance for Fabricut.
Several memorable vacations as a family: Florida several times different beaches, Curacao, Amsterdam and Germany.
Casey cashed in on his "for sickness and health" vows and tried to kick the bucket in October 2012. Perforated colon. Major surgery, thankful he is alive and well to say the least.
Ran my first half marathon November 2011 and have run two others since then. Okc Half in April 2013 first one post Drew!

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